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OESIS Framework Released
September 01, 2010

OESIS® Local V2 and V3 Update Released
Version for Windows, Mac and Linux is now available, and newly supported products added in this latest release of OESIS® Local Framework are listed below:



Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations 6.x
Lavasoft, Inc. Ad-Aware Total Security 21.x



Emsisoft Mamutu 3.x
G DATA AntiVirus 2011 21.x
G DATA InternetSecurity 21.x
G DATA NotebookSecurity 20.x
Lavasoft, Inc. Ad-Aware Total Security 21.x
PC Tools AntiVirus Free 7.x
VirusBuster Internet Security Suite 3.x
VirusBuster Personal 6.x
VirusBuster for Windows Servers 6.x

Enhanced support for:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 11.x
Kaspersky Internet Security 11.x



G DATA Firewall 2011 3.x
Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.x
VirusBuster Internet Security Suite 3.x

Antiphishing (V3 only)


G DATA Antiphishing 20.x
G DATA Antiphishing 21.x
Kaspersky Antiphishing 11.x
VirusBuster Internet Security Suite 3.x

Backup Clients (V3 only)


Barracuda Networks, Inc. Yosemite Server Backup 8.x
Cox Communications, Inc. Media Store and Share Backup Manager 4.x
Freesoft S.r.l Uranium Backup 8.x
G DATA Backup 21.x
Lavasoft, Inc. Ad-Aware TotalSecurity 21.x
Paramount Software UK Ltd Macrium Reflect 4.x
Symantec Corp. Norton Ghost 15.x
UltraBac 9.x

OBIS (V3 only)


Enhanced support for:
Apple Inc. Safari 4.x
Apple Inc. Safari 5.x
All Versions of Google Chrome
All Versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox 3.x
Mozilla Firefox 4.x
All Versions of Opera

Virtual Machines (V3 only)


VMware Workstation 7.x

VPN Client (V3 only)


Cisco VPN Client 4.x
Juniper Network Connect 6.x

For a full list of currently identified and certified applications supported through your Citrix Access Gateway solution, please visit the
OESIS OK application lists page. If your customers are using applications which aren't supported, please encourage the vendors in
question to obtain certification by visiting the OESIS OK site, or by contacting