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New OESIS OK Certifications for September
October 06, 2010

With the release of OESIS Local version, we have several new certified applications available. Congratulations to the following vendors, whose products listed in each category are now certified interoperable with your Citrix Access Gateway solution being powered by the OESIS Framework.


AVG 2011 10.x
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro 8.x
Webroot Spy Sweeper 7.x


AVG 2011 10.x
Kingsoft Anti-Virus 2010.x
Webroot Antivirus 7.x


AVG 2011 10.x
Kingsoft Personal Firewall 2010.x

For a full list of currently identified and certified applications supported through your Citrix Access Gateway solution, please visit the
OESIS OK application lists page. If your customers are using applications which aren't supported, please encourage the vendors in
question to obtain certification by visiting the OESIS OK site, or by contacting